Mind, Brain and Behavior

“As researchers, I hope we do justice to what digital media actually mean to kids … and how their media use may be interacting with their development in different areas and what implications there are for how we should support kids in development.”

Katie Davis, University of Washington Information School

The question is not whether technology rewires the brain, but how it does this and what effect it has on our cognition and behavior.

In our interviews and discussions, we found three major themes:

  • Implications of multitasking on daydreaming and empathy. What does neuroscience research show about young peoples’ abilities to multitask? What are the brain development implications of youth spending less time daydreaming?
  • Role of technology in supporting individualized learning. How can librarians and educators use technology to support the specific needs of diverse learners?
  • Impact of video games on brain development. Can video games support learning and development? What research has been done on the negative effects of video games on brain development, and what are ways to mitigate this?